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From: az_cop_ fiction_writer
Subject: Fathers and Sons Together, Part 6Note: Please do not use this story without the permission xxx little upskirt lolita of the author.
Themes include consensual intergenerational sex and incest between men and
teens of legal age. Do not proceed if these themes bother you. Comments and
suggestions welcome at az_cop_fiction_writerhotmail.com. If you want to get
my stories emailed to you directly let me know.I want to thank everyone who emailed me--I appreciate your feedback. I'm glad
you enjoy my stories. Some of you asked about other stories I've written.
Here's what's on www.nifty.org:The Cadets: Gay Male Athletics, November 11, 2002
Bear Cop: Gay Male Encounters, July 11, 2003You can also find more of my stories and stories by others at my Yahoo!
Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eroticgaycopfiction/Fathers and Sons Together
Part Six: Graduation Day, ContinuedI returned home after my hot session with Dan and his dad and jumped in the
shower to get ready for my graduation ceremony. As tempted as I was to jerk
off under the warm spray coming from the shower head I resisted knowing my
party that night would most likely involve some heavy duty fucking and
sucking. I enjoyed the strong sexy smell of Mr. Harrison's cum as I flushed
out my ass with my portable enema bottle. It was a waste of good cum--I know
dad and Uncle Doug would have loved sucking it out of my ass but time was
short and mom was at home anyway.An hour or so before the ceremony we piled into mom's van and headed to the
school. Uncle Doug and I sat behind mom and dad and we managed to stroke
each other's cocks through our pants during the drive. Of course we always
made sure mom wasn't paying attention to us. When we pulled into the parking
lot at the school we were both hard. Luckily mom spotted a friend of hers as
we pulled in and made a beeline to her when we arrived. Dad spotted our
bulges and chuckled. If we weren't in public I'm sure the three of us would
have been sucking and fucking xxx lola top 100 each other.Mom, dad and Uncle Doug went to the auditorium and I followed the other
graduates into the adjacent classroom to don my cap and gown. I found Dan
and a bunch of our friends and we helped each other get ready. I spotted
Coach Welsh in the room and he shot me a broad smile and motioned me over to
him. He started straightening my tie and collar and as he did he told me to
get Dan and meet him in his office in five minutes for our graduation gift.
My dick hardened immediately as I imagined what he had in store for us.I told Dan and a few minutes later we were knocking at the coach's office
door. The coach told us to come in. I opened the door and four of the
hottest men in our school sat naked on the coach's desk free forbidden lolita pictures before us. Coach
Welsh, Principal Hill, our history teacher, Mr. Nelson and our guidance
counselor Mr. Cross were ready for us. Each of their hard dicks was pointing
at us pleading for attention. I swooped down on Mr. Cross's dick as Dan
sucked on Coach Welch's. Principal Hill and Mr. Nelson jerked off as they
watched us bob up and down on the thick hard cocks in our mouths. What a
graduation gift! I had admired Mr. Cross for four years and often wondered
what was hidden in his pants. My hands explored his hairy chest and stomach
as I gave him my best blow job. He groaned deeply as I took his meat deep in
my throat and massaged it. I knew time was short so I sucked with abandon
anticipating his fresh cum.Coach Welch screamed "fuck" and I knew he was unloading into Dan's mouth. I
heard him gulp his creamy load down. This pushed Mr. Cross over the edge and
he held my head tight on his dick as it spit its salty jizz into my throat.
He allowed me to pull back and the last few spurts coated my tongue. It was
fucking delicious! He pulled out of my mouth and Principal Hill's cock took
its place. I savored the beautiful dick I had been sucking for months
knowing that our sessions would soon be few and far between. I looked up at
him as I sucked and he smiled in appreciation of my cock sucking skills. I
glanced over at Dan and he was sucking on Mr. Nelson's underage penetration lolita videos hard cock. Here we
were, minutes before graduating, sucking the dicks of the schools horniest
and hottest men!I few minutes we joined the rest of our class. We had more cum in our
stomachs and big smiles on our faces. As we started to file into the
auditorium I gave Dan a big hug then pulled his mouth to mine for a deep
kiss. I loved him and didn't care who knew it. A few of our classmates did a
double take but didn't seem to care. If they knew about all the hot dick we
had been getting I'm sure most of them would be jealous.The ceremony was nude preteen lolita gallery great. Principal Hill firmly shook my hand as he handed me
my diploma. We smiled at each other and he wished me good luck. I don't know
if his dick jumped at that moment but mine did. He has a great man and I
enjoyed worshipping his manhood.My parents had arranged a lunch at a nearby hotel following the ceremony.
Most of the guests were relatives but I was introduced to a few of my
parents' friends. Dad invited his old partner, Jake Collins, who was now the
police chief of a neighboring community. I remembered that he was the guy
dad fooled around with when they worked together. Jake was stunning. He is
black and well over six feet tall. He has a dazzling smile and his broad
shoulders and beefy chest filled the suit he was wearing. I knew he knew
about me and dad when he shook my hand. There was definitely an "I want to
see you naked" connection between us. I hoped it wouldn't be long until I
was sucking on his dick--getting it nice and slick so he could ram it in my
ass.After lunch dad told me that Jake was hoping the three of us could get
together soon. I suggested that afternoon. As mom said good bye to the
family dad called Jake on his cell phone and told him we'd come over to his
hotel room in an hour or so. I couldn't wait to get there! I told dad I
wanted him to fuck me hard. Dad laughed and told me he was sure he would and
added that Jake liked to fuck while getting fucked and that he take care of
that for him.We dropped mom and Uncle Doug off at home telling them we had to run out to
get some materials for a project we were working on. Uncle Doug knew we were
headed to Jake's hotel room and smiled knowingly as he told us to "have a
good time."We arrived at Jake's a few minutes later. The door was unlocked and he told
us to come in. Jake was sitting by the window in a chair stroking his
beautiful cock. Sunlight streamed through the window illuminating his meat.
It glistened with the spit that he was using. I nearly ran to him. I dropped
to my knees and engulfed the head of his cock and started sucking it like a
lollipop. My dad chucked and told Jake "I told you he loves cock!"As I slowly took more of Jake's hard dick into my mouth and throat he purred
softly and started to stroke my hair. "Fuck, father and son together, this
is gonna be so hot!" he said. Dad little princess naked lolita undressed and pushed his hard dick into
Jake's mouth. The wonderful sound of men sucking cock filled the room. I
worked my tongue into Jake's piss slit savoring the sweet precum that was
dribbling out of it. As I did I pulled my hard cock from my pants and
started to stroke it. I could totally understand why my dad enjoyed having
fun with Jake. He was a beefy stud that obviously loved man-to-man sex.We continued to suck for awhile until Jake suggested we move to the bed. He
undressed me on the way and took a few moments to finger my hole. He moved
me to the middle of the bed. I was face down. I spread my legs to expose my
hole to him. He grabbed the tube of lube and squirted some on my hole. He
worked it into me with a couple of his fingers then lubed his dick. He
tossed the tube to my dad and told him to do the same to him.I looked over my shoulder as Jake moved into place. He smiled at me and I
felt the tip of his dick against my opening. "You ready to get fucked, boy?"
he said. I pushed my ass back and hissed "yes." "Here it comes!" he said.
His dick was big and thick. I knew I could take it but braced for the worst
anyway. As the hard inches slid past my sphincter and deep into my guts I
groaned into the pillow. The pleasure was intense. His dick was hitting me
just right. He rested for a moment with his cock totally inside me. I felt
another push and knew my dad was inside him.We stayed still for a few moments then Jake and my dad started to pull out
of the asses beneath them. It took a few strokes but soon the two of them
were in synch. The hard fucking began and I was in loving it! I was getting
Jake's wonderful cock deep inside me but was getting the force of two men
fucking. Jake was moaning into my left ear as he fucked me. He was clearly
enjoying my tight hole and dad's big dick. My dick was hard against the
sheets; I knew I was going to blow my wad before too long.I'm sure the guests in the adjacent rooms could hear us as we fucked. I
urged Jake on with "fuck me, fuck me hard." I was hoping the guys in the
other rooms were listening and jacking off to our fuck fest. I only wished
they were stroking their dicks in my face so I could take their sweet cum as
I was getting fucked.We probably fucked for fifteen minutes before Jake pulled out of me and told
us he wanted to see my dad fuck me. Dad flipped me over and as Jake held my
legs over my head he pushed his fat cock into my well-fucked hole. I think
Jake nearly lost it as he watched a father fuck his son. He lowered his
balls into my mouth and I sucked them in. I worked my tongue over them
tasting the salty underage penetration lolita videos sweat that had accumulated there. As my dad started to ram
deep and fast I felt Jakes balls contract. Jake's first shot hit my dad's
chest. The others splashed onto my upturned ass and hard dick. He groaned
loudly as the shots continued. They crisscrossed my stomach and chest. The
last few spewed out into my open mouth. I held the sweet juice on my tongue.Just as Jake was recovering and moving toward my hard dick I blew my load.
The rhythm of dad's cock deep inside me triggered my orgasm. Jake swallowed
my erupting dick and gulped down my cum. He sucked hard and I fed him my
teenage jizz. It felt like I shot about a gallon of cum into him. The
combination of his cum in my mouth, dad's cock in my ass and his mouth on my
dick certainly prolonged the pleasure."Fuck, boy, take my cum!" my dad screamed. He pushed deep inside me and shot
his hot load. I could feel the warmth of his cum radiating from deep inside
my ass. Jake continued to dark lolita nude picture suck my dick making dark lolita nude picture sure he was getting every last
drop. Dad fucked his cum into me as his sweat flew off onto us. Jake, I was
fast realizing, was as big as a cum hound as I was. I pulled off my dick and
moved up to kiss my dad. It was fucking hot watching him push globs of my
cum into my dad's mouth. He saved some for me too and as dad was pulling out
of my ass I was enjoying a load of my own cream.Jake wasn't done though. He took dad's place and moved in to eat his cum
from my hole. I felt his tongue push hard into me. He dug around savoring
the taste of my dad's fresh load. Jake's tongue felt great and I pushed out
so he could get his fill. As he ate dad joined me and we kissed deeply. He
knew I was grateful for sharing his friend with me. Eventually Jake free illegal lolitas underage joined
us and we fell asleep in each other's arms in the mid-afternoon sunlight.
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